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This past week I made the trek up to 168th street to the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center for my first doctor’s visit in a long time. I’ve written about this in the past and now it’s time for the payoff. My HbA1c cruised in at 5.5%, up a little from my previous 4.9%, but I think I was still in the “honeymoon phase” during my first visit to the center.

I talked with the doctor for about 15 minutes and she requested that I get some lab work done. That will be my next journey. If it is anything like a trip to the DMV, I can’t wait. The doctor had no real news to report as far as a cure or new treatments for diabetes, though I do find it quite humorous to be a patient asking a doctor for a cure.

“So, have you figured out a cure yet?”


“Awesome, can you write me six prescriptions?.”

The safe answer and my personal favorite is always “In the next 10 years we really hope to see major advancements in the treatment of diabetes.”

After chatting about diabetes and life for a while, I scheduled an appointment with the ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and headed back to Brooklyn. In my bag I had diabetic gold.

What is diabetic gold, you ask? Prescriptions. I walked out with what looked like a deck of cards. Seven little pieces of paper that make my life a whole lot easier. As the doctor reached across her desk and placed the prescriptions in my hand, I could feel the sudden weight of everything I had in my possession.

I tried to read what she had written, but unfortunately I have no military training in code-breaking. Just as I start to think that maybe I’m illiterate, I make out a word. Lantus. That looks familiar. Then another word. FlexPen.

Wow, I’ve got a permission to get a lot of drugs. I can’t wait to take my tiny little slips of gold to the pharmacy and play the “pick a card, any card” game or Go Fish with the pharmacist. May I have all of your FlexPen needle prescriptions? Go fish.

Overall, the doctor’s visit was good and I’m glad I went in for a checkup. I’ll let you know when I head to the lab.

In other news, my latest video is on heavy.com and it’s called “Tonight.” You can watch it here. As always, it’s not for kids. The song is the power 80’s ballad I wrote about a few blog entries ago. If you are a sucker for one-liners, you will definitely enjoy. (Watch the whole thing and pick out the two times we used Sweet’N Low as fake cocaine.)


  1. Andy if you were on Goji you wouldn’t need all those scripts. I have already reduced my insulin by 11% and keep it reducing everyday.

    Posted by sydneymum |
  2. My doctor put me on Januvia three weeks ago. She said it should reduce the amount of insulin I need. The first week I thought nothing was happening. By the end of the second week, I was able to eliminate all of my Novalog (daytime orange pen). This week, I have reduced my Levimir by 1/3. Of course, the reduction has come with some unexpected lows. So now I am only taking insulin in catchup mode. It’s an amazing drug. I am checking my blood sugar even more often than usual because of its growing affects. But God bless Januvia!

    Posted by Linda |

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